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What we do

Praelexis implements AI solutions to enable data-driven decision-making. We offer two services: Data Product Services providing end-to-end implementation of AI solutions, creating tailor made solutions to your business challenges. Advisory Services developing data and AI business strategies, discovering business use cases, Responsible AI thought leadership, and training. We deliver our services as a Dedicated Delivery Team, Team Augmentation to enhance your internal capabilities, or a hybrid approach.

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Why choose Praelexis?

End-to-end (1)


We implement the full AI development cycle. With more than a decade in AI, we are a trustworthy partner on your AI journey.

Domain Diversity

Domain Diversity

We deliver in multiple domains, we research your industry and align with your strategy. We immerse ourselves in your challenges and define valuable business cases.



We prioritise enduring partnerships, understanding the unique needs of our clients and fostering evolving relationships. With us, clients find a committed partner for mutual success.

Some of our happy customers


Capitec Bank

“Praelexis, our data science partner, built our first (of many subsequent) Machine Learning models. The particular use case improved the efficiency of our employees by making their pain-staking tasks as easy as the click of a button. The solution has the ability to scale and was rolled out to our branches country-wide – it truly has robust enterprise capability. The continuous integration pipeline was made available to our data scientists, enabling transparency in the development of all models.”


Head of Product, Investec Private Bank

IIze Wagener

“Investec collaborates with Praelexis to apply cutting-edge Machine Learning models to our data. We are excited about the partnership which will enhance our client experience.”

Our services


Data Strategy, Discovery,
Responsible AI, and Training

Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services includes three offerings. We help you develop data and AI business strategies, discover use cases, and we provide training. Your data-driven journey necessitates a well-defined roadmap, and that's where our expertise comes into play. We provide companies with a discovery process conducted in a workshop environment. In this workshop, we engage with your team to about your needs and determine your desired destination, all while aligning with your business strategy.



Data-driven AI Solutions

Data Product Services

We craft tools and solutions that make extracting knowledge from your business data easier. Our solutions are tailor-made and designed to help you manage, analyse, and get the most value from your data. Our end-to-end approach includes the implementation of solutions enabling data-driven business decisions. Your raw data is transformed into a strategic asset with our applications, reporting mechanisms, or a data product ecosystem.


Our partners


Microsoft South Africa has awarded Praelexis the AI Partner of the Year award at the FY21 Partner Awards. As crafters of Machine Learning we will continue to create elegant, data-driven solutions for significant problems. We are proud of our team, delighted to collaborate with all our partners and inspired by Microsoft to achieve more, together.


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