Praelexis Services

We offer both Data Product Services and Advisory Services through a Dedicated Product Team or Team Augmentation

What we do

Praelexis implements AI solutions to enable data-driven decision-making. We offer two services: Data Product Services providing end-to-end implementation of AI solutions, creating tailor made solutions to your business challenges. Advisory Services developing data and AI business strategies, discovering business use cases, Responsible AI thought leadership, and training.


Advisory Services

Data Strategy, Discovery and Training


Data Product Services

Data-driven AI Solutions

How we do it

We deliver our services as a Dedicated Product Team, a Team Augmentation Service that enhances your internal capabilities, or a mixed approach.


Team Augmentation Service

If you have internal data science capability, but need more capacity or expertise, our data science experts become part of your teams.


Dedicated Product Team

If you have a need and no internal capacity, or you want to outsource your data science capability, we provide a dedicated team. 

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