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We believe in purpose beyond profit
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Praelexis was born as the result of a keen understanding of the AI needs of private and public sector organisations. The integration of theory and praxis lies at the heart of Praelexis. Our data crafters are accomplished engineers, mathematicians and scientists, who are respected in their fields of specialisation. Our CEO, Dr McElory Hoffmann, was a computer science lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch and saw the potential of his field to impact communities in South Africa and beyond. As a result he founded Machine Learning for Africa and in 2013 founded Praelexis.

We believe in purpose beyond profit


Our purpose is to create value by collaboratively crafting elegant, data-driven solutions for significant problems.


To achieve this, we subscribe to the values of Trustworthy Leadership, Collaborative Learning and Creative Craftsmanship.


Praelexis promises to be Trendsetters, Academically Excellent, Agile and Adaptable, and Deeply Immersed.

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