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Data Strategy, Discovery, Responsible AI, and Training

Why consider AI?

We help you understand the benefits that AI can add to your business.  Together we formulate an AI strategy to optimise the value of your data, improving efficiencies and your value proposition or bottomline. We provide businesses with a discovery process conducted in a workshop environment. We work closely with your team to evaluate your current data maturity and determine your desired destination, all while aligning with your business strategy to formulate a practical roadmap. 


Data Strategy

We collaborate with you to assess your current use of data analytics, define your preferred future and design the roadmap to success, while navigating the risks. 


Responsible AI

Using an Ethics by Design Approach, we ensure that your AI journey and solutions attend to issues of Privacy, Justice, Transparency and Reliability.

Business Case Discovery

Business Case Discovery

We believe in simple solutions that fit your business context. We assess the impact, effort and feasibility of each possible solution to uncover its benefits.



We are passionate about knowledge transfer and assist with training programs, whether on AI,  programming, solution design, implementation of solutions, Responsible AI, or strategic building blocks.

Why choose Praelexis?

End-to-end (1)


We implement the full machine learning development cycle and deliver the insights on premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid setups.

Domain Diversity

Domain Diversity

We deliver in multiple domains, because we research your industry and align with your strategy. We immerse ourselves in your challenges and define business cases with proven business value.



We prioritise enduring partnerships, understanding the unique needs of our clients and fostering evolving relationships. With us, clients find a committed partner for mutual success.


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