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We Create Value with Data-Driven AI Solutions for a Sustainable Future

What is Responsible AI?

Responsible AI systems are aligned with human values, such as data safety, accountability, transparency, and robustness. Praelexis' values align with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, to ensure that we innovate for a better world.  At Praelexis, we call it “Heartificial Intelligence”.



Data may only be used for specific purposes, after explicit consent, and with a right to delete. Training AI should take place with anonymous or obfuscated data and de-anonymisation confirmed.



The prevention of bias and ensuring inclusion of a diversity of stakeholders. Attributes like gender, age, race, disability, pregnancy or potential proxies should not skew outcomes.



This entails clearly revealing how AI systems work, including their algorithms, data sources, and biases, fostering trust and accountability in their use.



The consistent and accurate performance of AI systems across different situations, ensuring dependable decision-making through rigorous testing and monitoring.

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